Tailor made plant material for the cultivation of cut hydrangeas

Van Klaveren Plant offers customised plant material for the cultivation of cut hydrangeas. Choose from different shapes and sizes of plant material to achieve the best harvesting result.

From cutting to half finished plant

We can deliver

Half finished plant

  • On call delivered from the cold storage room (until week 4).
  • On call delivered from the refrigeration cell (until week 25).
  • Controlled by NAK Horticulture.
  • Hand selected on well developed branches.
  • Grown in 1.5ltr container.
  • On request in other different container sizes
  • The plant material is starting its flowering stage.
  • Cultivation guidance on request.


Repotting/rooting service

  • Ready-made plant materials.
  • Ready to go on delivery: deploy in the greenhouse and start breeding!
  • Repotted into 5ltr, 7.5ltr and 10ltr container.
  • Repot and develop roots in the greenhouse.
  • Well rooted plants deliverable in late October to February.
  • Type of potting soil and pot available on request.
  • Repotted the right way in consultation.
  • Repot and immediate delivery to the breeder possible.
  • Cultivation guidance on request.


Young plant

  • Grown in a 1.5 liter pot.
  • Pinched the right way in consultation.
  • Young plants approach the end of the vegetative stage and are now moving into the generative phase.
  • The plants can be placed on the open field (ca 17 per m2).
  • Type of potting soil available on request.
  • Van Klaveren Plant provides cultivation guidance if necessary.

P9 pot

  • 18 P9 pots in a tray.
  • 6 weeks of rooting time, pinched on request
  • Extremely suitable for mail order trading.
  • Delivery from week 14.
  • Minimum decrease is 500 p9s per variety.
  • Suitable as starting material for cutters, also for the stone wool cultivation.

Rooted cuttings

  • Rooted in paper plugs in all sizes.
  • 4cm paper plug (see photo) in 60-hole tray (default).
  • 5cm paper plugs in 45-hole tray.
  • 5cm ground plugs in 35-hole tray.
  • Up to 2640 cuttings per CC-cart.
  • Cuttings are hardened on delivery
  • Pinched cuttings are possible (additional cost).
  • Export certificate possible on request.
  • Rooting in rock wool plugs is possible.
  • Minimum purchase of 1750 cuttings per variety.


Cooling service for flowering optimisation

  • Cooling down plant material to slow down flowering time.
  • Coolable in different pot sizes.
  • Temperature and humidity adjustable in decimals.
  • Cooling your plant material in the most modern cooling cell.
  • More than 10 years of experience in cooling.
  • Cultivation guidance on request.
  • Pinched in the right way on request
  • Plant material can be delivered from January to the end of June.

Looking for advise about hydrangea plant material?

Ard van Klaveren
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