The power of breeding the cut hydrangea

As a cut hydrangea breeder, you’ll cultivate the most beautiful cut hydrangeas and harvest the flowers for arrangers and florists at just the right time. A versatile seasonal plant with many benefits. Every season again.

High-grade plant material in different facets

From young plant to rooted plant material

For many years, Van Klaveren Plant is a well-known supplier of high-quality plant material for the cut hydrangea horticulture in various forms. Are you looking for rooted plant material, half finished plants or young plants for your cultivation? We deliver the exact shapes or sizes you need.

Proud collaborations with our growers

We are proud of the cooperations we have with the growers of our breeds. We see that the growers who work with our varieties come to very special results. Therefore, we would like to show who these growers are.

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We provide guidance during the cultivation of cut hydrangeas

Van Klaveren Plant is more than a supplier of plant material for cut hydrangeas. We recon that aftercare and cultivation advice are very important as well. You can count on more than 40 years of hydrangea experience we would like to share with our customers.

How we can help growers

Focussed on the future

The future for the hydrangea as a cut flower has a distant horizon. Van Klaveren Plant is contributing to this perspective and is working hard with the cut hydrangea breeders to design this future. Breeding and selection, breeding research and technical applications are tools to further develop cut hydrangea cultivation.

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A rich assortment of cut hydrangeas

Van Klaveren Plant has a very dynamic range of cut hydrangeas. Our standard varieties of cut hydrangeas are always hitting bull’s eye because they have proven their value in the past. Sometimes the market asks for more exclusive varieties: distinct shapes, colours and inflorescences within the hydrangea group. That's why Van Klaveren Plant has selected the Specials. Our customers who execute these selections come to very special results.

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