From generation to generation

Over 80 years of breeders experience

A rich history

The history of Van Klaveren Plant is characterized by a number of periods that, together with a lot of perseverance, experience and entrepreneurial spirit, have provided for the establishment of the current organization. But it didn’t start with hydrangeas.

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Focussed on the future

Eighty years of experience in horticulture, 3rd generation and into the future with an enthusiastic team of colleagues. Driven by great passion, we are optimising the cultivation of hydrangeas every day. Sustainability and creativity are the key words to keep innovating.

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Our vision

Our vision is to achieve great results with the cultivation of hydrangeas, as cut flowers and as a garden plant through sustainable partnerships with customers. After years of growth, Van Klaveren Plant has chosen for optimization of cultivation and sales since 2015. Environment and surroundings should therefore be taxed as little as possible. ISO 26000 certification is the framework in which our vision is expressed.

How we follow our vision